Beware of dream killers!!! I guess most of you are familiar with this caution.

Most motivational speakers will tell you to beware of who you tell your dreams. They believe some people get threatened by the dreams of others thus discouraging them from pursuing their dreams. There are others who out of pessimism would discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

The same narrative pertains in the religious and superstitious circus. It is believed that sharing one’s dream with someone puts one’s life at risk. They believe  If you share your dream with someone who doesn’t like you, it generates envy and the person might plot to sabotage your dreams from seeing the light of day.


The story of Joseph is usually referenced to defend this assertion. So, what’s the story? 17-year old Joseph was a shepherd who took care of his father’s flock with his brothers. He was his father’s poster child and as a result, he was hated by his brothers. One night, he had a dream and told his brothers. He told them about how they were in the field tying up sheaves of wheat when his sheaf got up and stood upright while his brother’s sheaf formed a circle around his and bowed to it. Upon hearing the dream, they said; Do you think you’re going to be king and rule over us? This increased their hatred towards him. He had another dream and said to his brothers “I had another dream, in which I saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars bowing down to me”.

This got them incensed so one day, his father sent him to go fetch for his brothers. Upon seeing Joseph, his brothers plotted to kill him. They later changed their mind and sold him into slavery in Egypt.

He was sold to one of the officers of the Egyptian King named Potiphar. Joseph distinguished himself and got promoted to the position of a personal servant to Potiphar. Potiphar’s wife later implicated him for attempting to rape her & he was imprisoned. While in prison, two of the prisoners, the king’s official wine steward and chief baker had a dream and he helped interpret the dream for them. The interpretation of the dreams was, the wine steward would be restored to his former position while the chief baker would be killed. As predicted, the wine steward got his job back while the chief baker was murdered.


One day, Pharaoh the king of Egypt had a dream and nobody was able to interpret the dream. The prisoner who was with Joseph recommended Joseph to the king to interpret the dream. As usual, Joseph interpreted the dream correctly after which he was promoted to become King of Egypt.

This story can easily pass for a FROM OBSCURITY TO PROMINENCE sort of movie. I believe there are numerous cues to be taken from this story. Let’s take a look at an interesting cue from Joseph’s story.

Joseph’s brothers referred to him as a dreamer because he went about telling people his dreams. Unfortunately, this generated envy among his brothers towards him and eventually got him into trouble.

Interestingly, the Bible didn’t record Joseph having any dream in Egypt or him telling anyone about his dreams. Joseph was rather, an interpreter of people’s dreams and this got him to the citadel of power in Egypt.



Most of us like to ride solo. We want to be the black sheep, we want to be different, we want to look special. We always want to be the golden calf in the midst of others. All these qualities are not bad but the truth is, it breeds envy. The moment you start lording yourself over others with your peculiar qualities, you start getting haters and that’s exactly what Joseph did.

It got to a point when Joseph told his father about his dream, his father scolded him and said; “What kind of a dream is that? Do you think that your mother, your brothers and I are going to bow down to you?”

After taking a cue from his behavior that landed him in trouble, Joseph used a different approach in Egypt. He shifted his focus from making life all about his dreams and chose to help others with their dreams. Instead of blowing his trumpet that he would be a leader one day, he chose to keep mute and help others. Even though he was a destined king who found himself in a prison, he socialized with the other prisoners. He made them feel a sense of belonging. Instead of jumping and telling others I HAD A DREAM, he said IT IS GOD WHO GIVES THE ABILITY TO INTERPRET DREAMS, TELL ME YOUR DREAMS.



If Joseph had told them his dreams first, he would have been hated by the prisoners. He wouldn’t have made it out alive. While he was helping others with their dreams, he was also getting closer to his dream becoming a reality. It was one of the ex-convicts whose dream he interpreted who got him near the throne.

When he finally got near the throne where he belonged, he didn’t even notice it. He thought he was just providing a service as usual. When he finally interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, his dream finally came to life.


In as much as God has embedded us with dreams, let’s not forget that it is intertwined with the dreams of others. If we make it all about ourselves and always want to look peculiar than others, it would generate hatred among people towards us thus make them hinder our dreams from coming to pass.

While pursuing our dreams, let’s also factor in others and help them with their dreams also. We need each other to survive.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Scoopearth




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