Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing great and still optimistic about the New Year. I’m very optimistic about this year too and hope God takes me on a greater pedestal. Most of us usually pray to God and make our requests known to Him because we believe every good and perfect gift comes from God.

Typical of every New Year, God makes promises to His people and they earnestly expect Him to honor His promise because of their belief that, God is not a man, that he should lie. (Numbers 23:19). In the midst of all these assurances, one thing that lingers in our minds and keeps us in suspense is, how would God bring it to pass? Who would He use? How long would it take for Him to honor his promise?

When it comes to God honoring his promises, the story of Abraham is mostly used as a point of preference. So, one day, out of nowhere God told Abraham to leave his country, relatives and father’s home and go to a land that He will show him. God promised to bless him, give him descendants who’d become a great nation, and make his name famous. 75-year old Abraham obliged and journeyed till he reached Canaan. God appeared to him there and said, “This is the country that I am going to give to your descendants”. God later told Abraham his descendants would be in captivity in a foreign land for 400 years after which they’d be liberated.

God honored his promise to Abraham just as He said, his descendants (The Israelites) were held captive as well. Let’s see how God honored his promise to Abraham’s descendants concerning they possessing the land after he was long dead and gone.

One-day God called Moses and told him about how the Israelites have been held captive and in honoring his promise to Abraham, he wants to use Moses to liberate them to a spacious land which is rich and fertile (Canaan) (Exodus 3:7)

Moses obliged and as promised, God used him to liberate the Israelites. Before God could give the Israelites the land he promised them, they had to cross the Red Sea, go through the desert and wilderness, cross the river Jordan, go through the city of Jericho and finally fight battles with different groups of people.

I then asked myself “Is it not God who promised Abraham’s descendants he’d give them a land flowing with milk and honey?” So why all this hassle? As humans when someone promises to give us something, our understanding is the person bringing the thing to us. We erroneously apply this perception when it comes to God which sometimes makes him look like a liar if we don’t see His promise coming to fruition. We also have a perception of how his promises would be fulfilled i.e. easily and the Israelites were no exception.

The truth is, everything God promises to do in our lives is already in existence and not something new that falls from Heaven. He rather takes us to that promise and not vice versa as we usually think. The reason is that we can’t possess what he wants to give us in our current (average) state. He has to move us from where we are to a plane suitable for us to possess what he promised.

The land God promised the Israelites already existed and didn’t fall from Heaven. God had to take them on a journey to that promised land. On this journey, they had to overcome obstacles which already existed since time immemorial i.e. the Red Sea, the wilderness, River Jordan, and Jericho.

Anytime the Israelites encountered an obstacle, they complained against Him and asked Him why he led them to those obstacles. They even accused Him of being wicked. We do the same thing to God when He’s taking us to our promised land instead of trusting Him. Instead of asking Him to show us how to overcome the obstacles, we complain, fret and bicker against God. Some of us even get weary and give up. Instead of listening to only one voice i.e. God’s when faced with obstacles, we open ourselves to a cacophony of voices in the form of public opinion.

Moses chose to use a different approach anytime an obstacle confronted them. He chose not to fret or bicker. He always consulted God and that was what made them overcome the obstacles. When Moses consulted God about the Red Sea, God told him to cast his rod over the sea and the sea parted ways for them to pass through. When they found themselves in the desert without food, God made food rain down from Heaven. When they had no water to drink and the only water available was bitter, Moses consulted God and God showed him a piece of wood which he threw into the water and it became fit for drinking. When they were confronted with the Jordan River, Joshua consulted God and God told them to place the ark of the covenant on the river and immediately, the river stopped flowing. When it became critical that they had no water, God Himself stood on a rock and told Moses to strike it.

You see when God makes a promise, His integrity is at stake. Not honoring his promise would be a dent on his integrity. So why don’t we just trust Him on the journey towards His promise? It is because of the obstacles in life that makes God who He is. He is the way out of our obstacles. If we stop looking at obstacles as hindrances and focus on Him, we’d always find a way out of our problems.

There are times when this journey gets lonely and we start blaming people for not being there for us but the truth is, they are not needed. God shuts people out of our lives because they don’t know the way and will only lead us astray. He shuts people out because he wants to be the only consultant to direct us. He shuts people out of our lives because he doesn’t want anyone to boastfully point their fingers at us and say if it hadn’t been for them, we wouldn’t have made it.

As we’re trusting God to honor his promises this year, let’s also trust Him when he begins to take us on the journey and always consult Him when faced with obstacles.





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