They say time waits for no man and that’s exactly what 2017 epitomizes. 

Typical of every New Year, people have high expectations and make positive resolutions towards the year. 2017 was no exception even though I didn’t really make one. Some people saw their resolution come to fruition while the year didn’t turn out well for others as expected.

2018 is fimally year and just like 2017, people have made resolutions for the year. Some went to church and made positive proclamations such as “My year of Victory” My year of Success” “My year of Breakthrough” etc. As life would always be, some would experience the opposite of all these proclamations. Why is it so? Is it because life is unfair? This brings to mind the popular saying that “Life is how you make it” but is it?

For me, I believe life is unfair and it is how you make it. These are the principles binding the world we live in and I’d give you proof with these Biblical accounts.

In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness, and the spirit of God was moving over the water. Then God commanded “Let there be light” and there was light. He created other things afterward and on the 6th day, he created man. After creating man, he created animals and brought them to the man to see what he would name them.

This is what I call Orderly Disorderly. The earth wasn’t fair to God when he first met it. He came to meet an imperfect earth in total chaos. An earth which was formless, desolate and engulfed in total darkness. God had the choice to fret and bicker but he didn’t. Upon seeing the darkness, he said; “Let there be light”. The words that proceed from the mouth are products of the machinations of the mind. This means that even though God’s eyes were seeing negativity (darkness), his mind was telling and showing him something positive (light). He then chose to produce what his mind was telling him by proclaiming it.

You might probably think because God is a spirit so doing something like this is His preserve. This assertion is valid but let’s now look at someone we can all relate to in the person of Adam who was just like us. After God created him, God brought animals to him to name. Adam was confronted with chaos after arriving on earth. Imagine being confronted with all the animals in the world with all the noise they make. To make matters worse, Adam didn’t know how the world operates. He could have told God this is too huge a task to accomplish but he didn’t. He changed focus from what his eyes were telling him to what his mind was telling him. Whatever name that came into his mind, he gave the animals and so it was. 

The trend continues unabated to this day. If God, the creator of the Universe first encountered the earth in a disorderly manner, then we who are created in his image and likeness can’t be exempted. If he was able to turn the disorder he encountered into order, it means we can also do same and Adam is enough proof.

The truth is, disorder is the nature of this earth we’re living in and the reason for our existence is to bring it to order. Our eyes were made to recognize this and our minds were made to fix this. Unfortunately, we’re rather performing the two actions with one organ which is the eye. The mind was made to bring clarity but if we choose to base our judgments based on what our eyes see, then our minds become dysfunctional thus leaving us in a state of chaos. That is why some of us can’t make progress.

 Anytime our eyes see disorder, it elicits fear and if we allow it to get to our minds,  it hinders us from making progress. The eye always sees impossibility while the mind always conceives possibility. That is why God in his infinite Wisdom placed the eyes outside our skull while our mind is inside the skull. The mind doesn’t concern itself with what the eye sees.

The people of Israel saw a fearsome Goliath but David chose to dwell on his mind so he only saw an uncircumcised Philistine. The disciples of Jesus saw a powerful king in the person of Herod but all that Jesus saw was a fox.

Your mind or your instincts are telling you 2018 is your year of Success, Breakthrough, etc. but when your eyes see chaos, would you change goal posts?

Whenever 2018 confronts you with challenges, always remember: Life would always be unfair but in the midst of its unfairness, it is how you make it.


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