Last two weeks, I wrote about the mystery of greatness where I tried to explain why some people are able to recognize greatness in us before it manifests why others also can’t so they sometimes belittle or mistreat us.


In life, there are consequences for every decision or step we take. Usually, we encounter fierce resistance from all spheres when we decide to achieve a purpose in life. It can be psychological, economical, social and even spiritual.You’d often hear stories about accomplished people who struggled in life before becoming what we know them to be today. Ironically, people who choose to be aimless or mediocre in life don’t encounter the resistance or impediments those who choose to be purpose driven encounter.


Choose to live a purposeful life and it’s as if the forces of the world including people have ganged up against you. Some people call it the trials of life. Sadly, most people throw in the towel when they’re faced with the exorbitant price they have to pay to accomplish their purpose in life.

I’ve come to understand that, the world wasn’t wired to easily accept anything extraordinary. It has to be imposed on it and it comes at a great price.

Jesus’s core mandate on earth was to die for the redemption of humanity. While growing up as a child, he was mostly found in church preaching to people. At this stage in his life, it was only his parents and close relatives who knew his real purpose in life. Others just referred to him as the son of a carpenter.

After being baptized and God opened the heavens over him to confirm his true identity, he found himself in the wilderness among all kinds of beasts you could ever imagine,without food and water for 40 days. After the fast, he was tempted by the devil to compromise his conviction and allegiance but he did not budge.

This life-threatening encounter in the wilderness gave birth to his ministry of signs and wonders. He possessed the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, multiply food etc.


One would have thought the indigenes of the town he hailed from would be happy and embrace him but when he preached the truth to them, he was nearly killed. The Bible said he couldn’t perform many miracles there because of their unbelief.


His situation got worse when it was time for his main purpose in life to be accomplished. It seemed Jesus had a foreknowledge about what awaited him so he pleaded with God to make the onus pass over him.


To worsen the situation, it was his own disciple in the person of Judas who gave him up to be crucified. He was falsely accused of an offense he never committed and even when Pilate said he has no basis for crucifying him, majority of the Jews still insisted he should be crucified.

When the cross was too heavy for him to carry and he needed help, his own disciple denied knowing him even though he later helped.

Jesus wasn’t spared the mockery in his direst moment.  When he couldn’t endure the pain any longer, he cried out to God saying “MY GOD MY GOD WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME” when he didn’t get any help from God, he had no choice than to recognize God as his father so he committed himself into His hands and gave up the ghost.


Just like Jesus, we always cry out “My GOD!! MY GOD!! WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME”? when we find ourselves in turbulent moments in life. We sometimes wonder why God doesn’t salvage the situation immediately we cry out to him. We ask ourselves “If God claims to love me, why has he allowed me to go through such a painful encounter”? It sometimes looks as if God sits down unconcerned.

There’s something I’ve come to understand about one’s purpose in life and that is; it isn’t for our self-gratification but for the gratification of others. God looked on while Jesus suffered because the salvation of humanity was at hand. No wonder he didn’t respond to him when he asked why he has been forsaken.



The price for accomplishing one’s purpose in life is pain.  Just that it differs from person to person in terms of duration and enormity. The heartbreaking thing about trials is, it makes you powerless and leaves you at its mercy. If Jesus could raise the dead, heal the sick, calm a storm, cast out demons and multiply bread, what prevented him from rescuing himself?


Trials are meant to render us powerless and vulnerable to give way to a more powerful version of us. I believe the all loving God struggled to watch his one and only begotten son suffer but he had to allow it pass by to cause a revolution in the world.

Even though Jesus died to wash away our sins, his crucifixion went beyond that. His death gave birth to Christianity. Demons trembled at his presence when he was earth but after he died and resurrected, demons tremble at the mention of his name in his absence.

Before Jesus died, he was restricted by geographical location but after his death, his spirit gained the ability to simultaneously dwell in the body of millions of people around the world and empowers them. Before he came to earth He was only known as the begotten Son of God, but after his death, he became the savior of the world in addition to his former accolades.


What challenges are you facing? Is it betrayal, mockery, dejection, emotional break down,? Jesus wasn’t exempted from all these.

You might feel like giving up in the midst of your trial but I have good news for you. At the end of every trial lies a glorious resurrection. When Jesus rose from the dead, the scars of his affliction were not found on him. He never recounted the pain he went through. He was unrecognizable and untouchable. No wonder he could disappear and even defy the law of gravity by walking on water.


It doesn’t matter the enormity of your trial but when you resurrect, you’d become better, powerful and more influential than you were. You shall remember your pain no more and the accomplishment of your purpose will affect people just like Jesus’s case.

Bill Gates was just a name some few years ago but now, he is in most of our homes and offices by virtue of his Windows operating system. Mark Zuckerberg was just a name several years ago but currently, he has connected us to our loved ones irrespective of distance and time by creating Facebook. Aliko Dangote was just a name several years ago but now, he has made shelter possible in Africa by virtue of his Dangote Cement. All these household names went through turbulent moments at a point in their lives but it is through their resurrection that they’ve become household names today. Their resurrection has affected human lives in several ways.


It might seem like you’re dying now but it’s in your “death” that the resurrection and multiplication of the new you becomes possible. Stay strong and commit your trials into God’s hands just as Jesus did.


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