A retired supreme court judge, Justice Dr. Seth Twum says, winning land cases in Ghana involves having monetary strength.

Speaking on the theme; LAND OWNERSHIP IN GHANA…. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST? at the 7th edition of Achimota Speaks, Dr. Twum said due to the protracted years it takes for a land case to be settled at the law courts, some people give up on pursuing the case since it involves money in terms of paying the bills of a lawyer and other expenses.

“It doesn’t matter where the land is as long as people have strength in terms of money, because you see, it would take years and they’d keep coming back and wearing you down and at one point you’re going to feel like what am I getting out of all these and then forget about it” he said.

He continued “The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how you come up with a land problem. Sooner or later, you have to compete forces for and against and you need to be sure you have marshalled your forces properly otherwise people will win when they have no case”.

“Achimota Speaks” is a monthly symposia designed to share Achimotan thoughts on various aspects of national discourse. This initiative forms part of activities to mark the 90th-anniversary celebration of Achimota School.






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