A book on volunteerism and patriotism has been launched in Accra. The book titled BEAUTY IN VOLUNTEERISM AND PATRIOTISM is under the joint authorship of Dr. Joyce Aryee (Executive Director, Salt and Light Ministries) and Dr. Kofi Osei-Kusi (Founder of Osei-Kusi Foundation).


Speaking at the launch of the book during the 2017 National Youth Volunteerism & Patriotism awards, Dr. Aryee revealed that, their aim is to kindle the spirit of patriotism, philanthropy, and volunteerism in Ghanaians.

“What we really want to do is make the people of Ghana interested in patriotism, philanthropy, and volunteerism. We think that there’s a lot of beauty in volunteerism and patriotism. It’s a book about building a nation of people who are selfless and interested in getting a better Ghana for all of us” she said.

In a brief review of the first 3 chapters of the book, she revealed that the 7-chapter book touches on the types and benefits of volunteering, the career development aspect of volunteering and cultivating the habit of volunteering.


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