The Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm Africa) Esther Cobbah, says the power to lead is a call to service.
Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of new Student Representative Council executives of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, the founder of Stratcomm Africa said “The power of leadership is a commitment to serve. Great leaders have as their focus, providing service to those they lead, not lauding it over them. The commitment to serve requires a willingness to listen to and learn from those whose lives are affected by the leader”.

“The ability to lead somebody lies in your ability to take feedback from the person and understand their need to be able to meet those needs. It is in being able to discern what is of value in contributions from various sources that the power to lead is most clearly manifested” she continued.

The 2013 Public Relations personality of the year challenged the new SRC executives to discharge their duties with a high sense of integrity.

“Integrity is something from the inner being (i.e. the heart) which affects everything we do. We all need strength to resist wrongdoing, including corrupt practices in our society. We all need to strive to higher levels of human excellence. It is such integrity of heart that will ensure you handle resources that are put in your care with good stewardship” she said.

“Corruption must not be countenanced. It totally undermines confidence in leadership. A leader must not lose sight of his/her moral compass and succumb to vanity because of the position of power” she continued.

Esther Cobbah urged the new SRC executives of the Ghana institute of journalism to work with determination and tenacity of purpose.

“You do not give up on your vision as soon as you encounter problems along the line. Each of us can really lift off and reach the height of our capabilities if we use the capacity that our creator has endowed us with to excel in our various spheres of endeavors” she added.

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