Ghana is 60 years old today. Hurray!!!! On 6th March 1957, the Gold Coast (now Ghana) attained independence from its colonial master Britain after 113 years of colonial rule. The man at the forefront of the independence struggle was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Ghana’s independence was historic because it was the first country on the continent of Africa to gain independence. The theme for the celebration is, “Mobilising for Ghana’s future”.

The average retirement age of a public servant in Ghana is 60 hence if Ghana were to be a public servant, it would have been retiring from active service by now.

Usually, when people turn 60, they are full of joy and pride. They usually celebrate attaining 60 in grand style and exude a sense of fulfillment and maturity. What’s special about the number 60? When 0 is combined with another number, the potential of that number is magnified and amplified. It magnifies, enhances and increases the potential and dimension of the number, bringing success and perfection to its qualities and attributes.

The number 60 is believed to symbolize the principle of nurturing, caring and harmony. There is an innate desire within the 60 to bring harmony, peace, justice and truth to all life experiences. There is a perfected sense of balance with the 6 vibration.  60 thrives on beauty and needs to be comfortable in all areas of their lives- emotionally, spiritually and physically. Source:

On this 60 years’ journey after attaining independence, Ghana has chalked many successes as well as shortfalls. At this age of 60, is Ghana comfortable in all its areas of life? Has it made any progress? I’d say yes but not significantly.


The Central Business District of Accra. Image Source: Ghana News Agency

Ghana, 60 years on has its pedestrian lanes in the capital city converted into brisk business centers.

 Some parts of Accra submerged in floods.

Ghana, 60 years on has its capital city grappling with floods during the rainy seasons.


Ghana, 60 years on is still battling with filth in its cities and towns.

Ghana, 60 years on hasn’t been able to conquer the canker of Ghanaman Time (being late for events)

Ghana, 60 years on is now ranked 2nd  in open defecation in Africa.

Ghana, 60 years on has  citizens who fight over public toilets, toll booths and other state properties, anytime their party assumes the reigns of political power.

Ghana,60 years on and its citizens can’t boast of uninterrupted supply of Electricity and Water.

Ghana, 60 years on is currently at the mercy of an IMF bailout.

Ghana, 60 years on is still going cup in hand to donor countries for funds to undertake developmental projects.

Ghana, 60 years on can’t boast of a state-owned Airline or Telecommunication company.

Ghana, 60 years on has a youth unemployment rate of 48%.

Ghana, 60 years on has a debt stock of GH₡122billion.

Ghana, 60 years on and public sector workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers have to go on strike before their demands are met by the government.

Ghana, 60 years on has succumbed its enviable top spot as the largest exporter of Cocoa to Ivory Coast.

Ghana, 60 years on is now the most expensive country to live in on the African continent.

Ghana,60 years on still imports basic commodities like rice, sugar and even toothpick.

Ghana, 60 years on and its football league is nothing to write home about.

Ghana, 60 years on has sectors such as the Judiciary riddled with corruption.

Ghana, 60 years on can’t boast of a comprehensive National Identification system.

We attained independence in the same era as the likes of Singapore and Malaysia but why have they made significant progress than us? Who is to blame? Can this narrative change 100years on? We live to see. May God continue to bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

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