League Of Young Communicators Summit Takes Place at GIJ

The Maiden edition of the GIJ League of Young Communicators Summit  took place on the premises of the Ghana Institute of Journalism on Friday 16th September 2016.

The League of Young Communicators Summit is an initiative of the Media Mentorship School a subsidiary of Echo of Leadership Africa which seeks to create a mentorship platform for students and also help bridge the gap between media professionals and students.

Director of News Programming and host of the Citi Breakfast show Bernard Koku Avle and Mr. James Afedo a communications specialist graced the maiden edition of the summit to mentor students and teach them how to communicate effectively.

Bernard Avle based his talk on six keys that would help students succeed in life;  Purpose, Preparation, Positioning, Passion, priority, and People.


rad-2Speaking on the importance of students discovering their purpose he said, “It is important to discover your purpose early in life otherwise you waste your life. You have only one life. Purpose determines your function. Purpose necessitates your design. Purpose predicts your potential.  Your purpose decides the sacrifices you make. Your life purpose is not decided but discovered” .

He went on to talk about the importance of preparation.

“The difference between success and failure is the right preparation. Every destiny has a preparation required. You can see your life now as a destination or a preparation.  Your purpose discovers the preparation you need” he added.


“Positioning is where you are, relative to other people. Positioning is where you are, relative to the market. Positioning is about perception and how people see you. You need to learn how to market yourself. Within the same field, decide what you’d be good at. If you want to succeed, don’t celebrate your similarity to somebody else but celebrate your difference. You can never be successful if you don’t position yourself properly. Decide what makes you unique and develop it.” he said.

Speaking on passion, the director of news programming advised students to be passionate in their life endeavors.

“Passion is what fuels you. Don’t be tired of your job but be tired from your job. Nobody starts life by doing what they like. You must be strategic in life. You don’t enter a company at the top but you enter at the bottom. If you want to do what you like, you must start by doing what you don’t like. When you do what you have to do when you have to do it, a day will come when you’d do what you want to do when you want to do it” he added.

He continued by speaking on the need for students to prioritize effectively since it is one of the tenets of leadership.

Bernard Avle concluded by advising students to have mentors, build healthy relationships with people and also mentor others.

Mr. James Afedo who delivered a speech on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Communications Mr. Ato Sarpong revealed that as a remedy to Ghana’s high rate of unemployment among tertiary graduates, the government has established the Youth Enterprise Support Fund to educate and support student entrepreneurs to sustain and manage their businesses effectively.

Mr. Afedo further revealed that information, communication, and delivery methods are evolving as a result of technological advancement thus encouraged students to be abreast with modern technological trends within the media landscape to avoid becoming redundant to the industry after graduating from school.

“It is acknowledged that information is a key ingredient in the development of every country. As the world continues to advance at a fast pace, and technology also advances at a speed of light, information communication, and delivery methods are also changing.  This calls for world-class tactful technologically savvy communicators with dexterity, intelligence and the ability to think towards society” he added.

Mr.Afedoh entreated aspiring communicators to be professional in the discharge of their duties.

“As a development oriented communicator, you must have the desire for truth, accuracy, and integrity. You cannot be effective as a messenger if you don’t have credibility. Your audience must know you, like you and trust you to give them accurate information. A good communicator is the one who takes the needs and interests of the audience into account before deciding how to reach them” he stated.

“The future of this country belongs to people like you. You must prepare yourself to put your stick in the ground and claim your square meter. In doing so, you must cherish the values of truth, integrity, accuracy, honesty, and responsibility. These will be your guiding principles for success as a communicator” he continued.

Article source: Desmond Tawiah, threesixtyGH writer 

Image source: Desmond Tawiah, threesixtyGH writer 

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