The Need For Change.

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to the realization that when it comes to being open to change or trying out new things, I’m as guilty as anyone else.

When it comes to  downloading of songs, I have a particular website that satisfies this insatiable need of mine. I usually download the first search result that pops up after keying in the title of the song. Yesterday, I keyed in a song and as usual, I selected the first search result. Surprisingly, the only feedback I got when I tried downloading was “error in network connection” even though I had a strong data connection signal. I later googled the name of the song but unfortunately, I only got the live performance version of the song rather than the studio recorded version that I wanted. Indefatigable as I am, I reverted to my original website and tried downloading the particular file that failed to download earlier. The story was no different but I still refused to give up. I spent almost an hour trying to download just a 5.8MB worth of a music file. After trying countless times to download this song and to no avail, I got angry and went to sleep. When I was about to say a word of prayer, my conscience pricked me. I then realized there were other results  displaying the song I wanted beneath the first search result. I kept wondering  “How on earth did my eagle eye miss that”. It was then that it dawned on me that since I was used to selecting the first search result, I didn’t mind to look further whether there were other results as well. I felt very stupid for not realizing this and spending almost an hour trying to download just a song.

In October last year, I decided to create a platform where I could express my opinion on issues and also vent my frustrations about some mishaps in my country so I created Pappy’s Space. After creating the blog, I chose a theme I felt was ok for my blog and then I started writing. I usually log in once a while to check my stats and then log out. As time went by, I came across Joseyphina’s blog blog. I realized  her posts were about poems and storytelling. I was impressed by the way she uses images that evoke the topics she writes about and it made her posts look appealing. I then followed her and  started using images that evoke the topics I write  about. I also realized  Joseyphina was very consistent with her posts daily and she usually uses #DailyPost at the beginning of every post. It made me wonder how come she was able to get a topic to write on because I found it difficult getting topics to write on and not to talk of writing almost every day. Curious as I am, I monitored her posts for a week and then I got the trick. Unknown to me, her posts were a response to WordPress’s Daily Prompts which I’ve been seeing daily on my Timeline and never bothered to find out what it really was. I asked her how to go about it and she taught me how to create a hyperlink by inserting the Daily Prompt URL. I felt very stupid once again because the hyperlink icon was staring right at my face at the toolbar section but I never bothered to check what it was meant for.


One would have thought these two instances would serve as  a wake-up call for me to be open to change but unfortunately, it didn’t. Anytime I surf around other

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blogs I realize they have menus which categorize their posts and it made me wonder why my blog doesn’t have a menu. All along, I thought maybe it was because of the theme that they used or it was because they had a premium account. A few weeks ago, one of Josephine’s posts lured me to check out her blog and I was mesmerized and bedazzled by the sight that welcomed me. She’d categorized her posts in an orderly manner which makes navigation around her blog very easy and her theme was awesome. I also wanted my blog to look awesome just like hers so I contacted her and she showed me how to go about it.

Alas!!! I was able to create my menu and use the theme she used and it made my blog look attractive than before.



I guess by now, most of you might have an idea what I’m trying to drive at. Just like me, most of us have stuck with one way of doing things. At a point in life, we crave to accomplish a target or attain a position. When we’re done arriving at our goal, we see it as a dead end. Our sense of curiosity fades. We don’t look out for new challenges or open ourselves up to new challenges. In the long run, we end up becoming redundant as a result of the daily influx of innovation and new trends.


This is one of the reasons why our country is where it is today. We keep on doing the same thing and expect new results We are impervious to change and when you are a dynamic person and want to bring positive change to your field of endeavor, you are seen as “too known”. When you try to inject some new trend, some people ahead of you in the chain of command would question your ability; “it’s how it has been since time immemorial and who are you to change it?”. In trying to be law abiding, you have no choice than to subjugate yourself to their ideology and as time goes on, you end up becoming a part of them.

If I hadn’t gone out of my comfort zone to have a look at Joseyphina’s blog, I wouldn’t have thought the appearance of my blog looks outmoded. I wouldn’t have exposed myself to change.


From my experience, I’ve come to the realization that change only happens when we’re curious. Change only happens when we go beyond our comfort zones. Change only happens when we feel uncomfortable with our situation.

Starting from today, I promise to do my best and look out for new developments around me in order to open myself to positive change and I hope you also do.


8 thoughts on “The Need For Change.

  1. I really was pulled in by this post. Found you on the blogger meetup! We are 2 of the blogs featured on the #likefollowshare challenge. Come with me a Like Follow Share all the others that are featured with us! Change is great, I believe you were also talking about mental flexibility.

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      1. Hello Presently there. I found your website using live messenger. This is definitely an extremely well crafted article. I will always bookmark this and return to read more of on128#&e7;s useful info. Thanks for that post. I’ll definitely comeback.


    1. Rightly said Victor but unfortunately,some people don’t see the need for change and the sad part is they are even oblivious of the change developing around them and by the time they realize, it’s too late.

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