The Great Shepherd (My Love Revolution Encounter)

I think it would be apt to call the month of July and early part of August my Spiritual emphasis months because I attended three life-transforming Christian programs which have greatly impacted  my life. It began with Greater Works 2016  then to Jubilee Generation All-night Service   and now The Love Revolution Campaign 2016.


I was privileged to attend the 6th Edition of The Love Revolution Campaign under the auspices of Eastwood Anaba Ministries and spearheaded by Rev. Eastwood Anaba at the Accra International conference center from 3rd -5th August 2016.


Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) is a worldwide revival ministry of Eastwood Anaba, which is established to release the love and power of God into people’s hearts. It is a non-denominational ministry which embraces born-again spirit-filled believers.


The 3-day campaign was graced with speakers such as Richard C. Whitcomb (Agape House New Testament Church), Lorraine Laryea(Believers on Fire International Ministries) Rosemond Anaba and Rev.Eastwood Anaba (Founder of Fountain Gate Chapel) deliver sermons to reposition the body of Christ.


Words can’t describe my Love Revolution experience. I was really filled with the love of God which has transformed my perception of God thus transforming my life. I’m still reveling in the Love revolution euphoria and eagerly looking forward to next year’s edition. Even though all the sessions I attended were awesome, I think the opening day’s experience left an indelible mark in my heart. Rev Eastwood Anaba preached on the topic “The Great Shepherd” Where the shepherd is Jehovah. To those of you who don’t know who Rev. Eastwood is; he is the President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) headquartered at Bolgatanga, Upper East Region of Ghana with Mission Centres in London and the United States of America.

Rev. Eastwood Anaba. Photo Credit: Kharis Ministries

EAM seeks to reposition God’s people through revival for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is also the Founder of Fountain Gate Chapel, a church with over one hundred branches around the world.

His message centers on the Holy Ghost, righteousness, discipline and order in the Body of Christ. He has a strong desire for the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the power of God in the body of Christ. Currently, he is on a campaign for the Love Revolution, a spiritual effort which seeks to release an outbreak of the Love of God in the Church and the world at large.

The Love Revolutionist Ministering to Gods People During One Of The Sessions.Photo Credit: Eastwood Anaba Ministries

His message was in three folds. i.e. “The forgotten Shepherd, the Misunderstood shepherd and the misrepresented shepherd. In his sermon, he talked about how most at times, we feel insecure as Christians but forgetting that “The Lord is our shepherd”. I can relate to his submission because, most at times when I go for church programs and they close late at night, I’m always  scared when I’m on my way home for fear of being attacked by robbers. Sometimes I even recite Psalm 23 multiple times in order to remove that paranoia out of me but I still end up being scared.

Psalm 23.


Psalm 23, which is David’s psalm is one of the popular Bible verses among Christians but over the years, I’ve not thought of taking a critical look at what it really meant beyond its literal meaning. David was a shepherd and the occupation of a shepherd is to tend, feed or guard herds of sheep. I was wondering what prompted David to refer to God as his Shepherd so, in my quest to feed my curiosity, I came across some interesting revelations about Shepherds in ancient times.


Sheep are basically helpless creatures who cannot survive long without shepherds upon whose care they are totally dependent. In the springtime, there is an abundance of green pasture, and usually, the sheep are allowed to graze near to the village where the shepherd’s home is located. When this source of food is exhausted then the pasture is sought in other places. As a result of this, a good shepherd has to find food for them. In the late autumn or winter months, there are times when the shepherd can find no pasturage that is available for his flock, and then he must become responsible for feeding the animals himself. In selecting pasturage for the flock, it is an absolute necessity that water is provided and that it be easily accessed. Often, flocks are stationed near to a stream of running water but the sheep are apt to be afraid of drinking water that moves quickly, or that is agitated. Therefore the shepherd looks for pools of water or provides some quiet place where they may quench their thirst

Also, Sheep are essentially dumb animals that do not learn well and are extremely difficult to train. They do not have good eyesight nor do they hear well. In fact, they have been known to plunge blindly off a cliff following one after another. They are very slow animals who cannot escape predators because of their lack of protective mechanisms such as claws, sharp hooves or powerful jaws.

A Shephered leading his flock. Photo Credit:

As a result of this, the shepherd always leads them, often going before them. Although he may be usually in that position when traveling, he often walks by their side, and sometimes follows behind, especially if the flock is headed for the fold in the evening. From the rear, he can gather any stragglers, and protect such from a sly attack from a wild animal. One experienced Syrian shepherd is reported to have followed a hyena to his lair and compelled the animal to give up his prey.

The love of the shepherd for his sheep is best seen when times of special need call forth unusual acts of care for members of the flock. This is demonstrated when the shepherd has to cross a stream of water with his herd of sheep. This process is most interesting. The shepherd leads the way into the water and across the stream. Those favored sheep who always keep hard by the shepherd, plunge boldly into the water, and are soon across. Others of the flock enter the stream with hesitation and alarm. Not being close to their guide, they may miss the fording place and be carried down the river a distance, but will probably be able to clamber ashore. The little lambs may be driven into the water by the dogs, and they are heard to bleat pitifully as they leap and plunge. Some manage to get across, but if one is swept away, then the shepherd leaps quickly into the stream and rescues it, carrying it in his bosom to the shore.

The shepherd is always on the lookout for members of his flock that need personal attention. Sometimes a lamb suffers from the rays of the sun, or its body may have been badly scratched by some thorn bush. The most common remedy he issues to these sheep is olive oil, a supply of which he carries in a ram’s horn.

The shepherd is deeply interested in every single one of his flock. Some of them may be given pet names because of incidents connected with them. They are usually counted each evening as they enter the fold, but sometimes the shepherd dispenses with the counting, for he is able to feel the absence of anyone of his sheep. With one sheep gone, something is felt to be missing from the appearance of the entire flock.

It is very important that,  sheep should not be allowed to stray away from the flock, because when by themselves, they are utterly helpless. In such a condition, they become bewildered, for they have no sense at all of locality. And if they do stray away, they must be brought back.

Being responsible for anything that happens to one of his flock, the Eastern shepherd will spend hours if necessary in traversing the wilderness or mountain side, in search of a sheep that has strayed away and is lost. After weary hours of hunting for it, it will usually be found in some waterless hollow in the wilderness, or in some desolate mountain ravine. The exhausted creature will be borne home on the shoulders of the sturdy shepherd.

When you picture God as a shepherd and look at how a shepherd takes care of his sheep, you’d realize how valuable you are to God who is just not an ordinary shepherd.The love of God for humanity is akin to the love a shepherd has for his sheep. It even goes beyond that. When you take a critical look at some acts of God in the Bible, some of which I outlined in this blog post (The Admirable I Am That I Am God), you’d realize that almost every act of God towards humanity can be linked to some traits of a Shepherd. By kind courtesy of Love Revolution 2016, I’ve been exposed to the true meaning of Psalm: 23 and I’d forever rest in the love of God knowing that, He is the Great shepherd. Just as Pastor Eastwood incessantly reiterated. “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear”, it doesn’t matter the storms of life that you are facing, neither does it matter how scary your situation looks. If an ordinary shepherd can leap into a stream just to save a drowning lamb, why can’t you believe God, the one who created you in his own image and likeness and is the Great Shepherd to rescue you from your predicament?

Source of Information:Bible History



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