A Third Committee Member’s review on Life-Link Ghana Tertiary Model UN Conference.#LTMUN

The third committee review; written by Kobby Elikem

Due to popular request, committee three’s events will be highlighted by a fellow journalist who happened to be in the committee.


First of all, I write to entertain and not necessarily to impress or anything of such sorts so before you proceed to read this account, don’t expect any fancy script or gargantuan wording. Mind you this is not space or myspace, its Pappy’s space.


Committee three (3), in my opinion, was the best at this year’s LTMUN conference. You can go drown in the sea if you disagree. The well-oiled machine-like nature with which everyone related to their fellow delegates was beautiful, to say the least.

Beauty lies to or lies in the eyes of the beholder?

For starters, our secretary was just outright, beautiful and it’s a pity I never found out her name but hey, beauty they say lies to the eyes of the beholder or is it lies in the eyes of the beholder??? Anyway, the committee chairman too brought his “A” game; I’m talking sleek haircut and a puppy-innocent face that resembled baby Cupid.

Committee Chairman

Hold on guys, I think I skipped something. No, wait. I didn’t. Yes, so like I was saying, Abeiku Hammond, the guy is just… just a human being (forgive me for any negative connotation but I’m short of words right now). Although it’s a good thing he isn’t anymore taller than what the fact is right now, otherwise, that would be a real threat to some of us.


I must say that certain people deserve a walking ovation and a special place in the history of man for their awesomeness and other very good reasons. To be honest, everyone in the committee deserves a round of applause. Whether it was India or Nicaragua who were always abstaining from votes or Ireland who never raised her placard or it was Russia who no one knew was part of the committee till the position papers were being read, everyone deserves an applause.

Posing with the Conference Best Dancer

Shout out to Greece who blessed us with the sight of an African Zeus with a Nigerian accent, whose memory frankly will remain forever. Yes! I said forever! To the grandfathers-Bolivia, Cyprus, The Gambia, Russia and Côte D’Ivoire, who were always seen sitting at the back orchestrating their own mischief? If you’re the paranoid type, you might think they were orchestrating a June 4th Uprising (Coup d’état) against the President of the General Assembly.

Olympus must be in a frenzy right now

Our committee was blessed with so many memories but in as much as we were intellectuals, the fun moments highlighted everything for me but even more are the delegates that gifted us with those memories. Those people who stood out for me in the conference are awesome, to say the least.

Peru and his fractured wrist for some strange reason seemed to get a lot of girls crushing; Poland and her quotes- This girl will quote even the Bible as if it were the Constitution and I think that’s what got the boys Clamoring for her. Just as in the recent NBA finals where Lebron James was crowned the MVP ( Most Valuable Player), our “Cavalier” committee also produced an MVP. He is a gentleman I call the King Solomon of the conference. His ability to conjure and articulate mind blowing African proverbs left us starstruck. Like a comedian in Ghana would say; his proverbs are delivered “fresh from nature god”. If we were in a church setting I’d have said he has a proverbial unction upon his life.

DR Congo Delegate

He is the delegate from the Democratic Republic of Congo. “You don’t start a fight if you sell eggs in a market, No matter how far your urine goes, the last drop always ends up at your feet. “You can’t sew a dress with cassava leaves and have a goat as a friend” are some of the proverbs produced from his proverbial brewery. I’d forever reminisce with nostalgia the seriousness with which he delivered his proverbial sermons as well as the conviction with which he spoke. Who could forget the Signoritta from Spain who was always seconding motions for lunch and our ever-bubbly “Daakyehene” (Future King) who was the rep for Tunisia? He together with the delegate from Namibia would never give us respite from mind throbbing Self-Conjured English jargons reminiscent of Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon( Edo State Chief Of Staff) of Nigerian descent. “It’s going to be a kungagaguangaga story with a higi haga cast” was one of the grammatical cannons the Tunisian delegate expunged from his grammatical arsenal.

Does he look like a future King?

As the delegate representing DR Congo rightly said at the awards dinner, “this is one very big, happy family and everyone played a very memorable and vital part in it”.

Delegate burundi
Sharing romantic moments with her hubby?

The highlight of the three-day committee sitting was perhaps when the delegate from Burundi announced her upcoming wedding which, to be honest, shattered and doused the hopes of boys relishing the possibility of winning her heart. Boys will always be boys and quoting the delegate from DR Congo, “You can’t sew a dress with cassava leaves and have a goat for a friend.”

Botaepa Social Venture winner (Left) exchanging ideas with a fellow delegate

Congratulations to the delegate from Malta on winning this year’s Botaepa Social Venture and I hope next year, the experience will be like TV3’s Music Music.




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