My Eagle-Eyed View Inside LTMUN2016(Finale)


Just as some excerpts from Philippians 1:6 says “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion”, my fellow delegates believe I’ve begun a good work in writing a narrative  My Eagle-Eyed View Inside LTMUN Part 1 and My Eagle-Eyed View Inside LTMUN Part 2 on the Life-Link Tertiary Model UN Conference(LTMUN) and it is appropriate I finish it. On that note, I’d plead with you to sit back and relax as I chauffeur you to the crescendo of LTMUN conference 2016.

After three days of intense deliberation on issues affecting the international community and drawing up measures to solve them, it was now time for the General Assembly to meet for the resolutions postulated by the various committees to be read and amended. As the saying goes “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” delegates were giving some chance to cut themselves some slack after three days of piously adhering to the rules of engagement as far as the United Nations Conference is concerned. Some delegates leapt at this opportunity like Salivating German Shepherds (No malice intended) to exhibit their humorous tendencies aside their diplomatic sides.

Ravishing looking Cuban Delegate

I remember the delegate representing Tunisia expressing his interest in the ravishing looking Cuban delegate to be his Juliet (girlfriend) after cowardly keeping it to himself for two agonizing days. The delegate from North Korea also spoke on behalf of some of us and petitioned the Tunisian delegate to be considerate as we all have an interest in the Apple of his eye.

Alluring Beauty?

Another delegate also announced The Banns of marriage involving the delegate from Burundi and her alleged boyfriend. Frankly speaking, the delegate from Burundi has this luscious look combined with a calm countenance which can appeal to a “King Xerxes” and save a “Mordecai” from the Caprices of a “Haman” on any day. Her alluring beauty can make her be on my list of preferences on any given day. lol

After releasing some stress, it was now time for the various resolutions to be scrutinized. The resolutions underwent what I call “Microscopic Scrutiny” in terms of the amendment. Some delegates incessantly tried to oppose some suggested resolutions and some also sought clarification on some resolutions. In the end, I believe the finest resolutions were passed.


It was now time for the climax of the conference, i.e. Dinner/Awards Night/Closing Ceremony. As part of preparations for the dinner, every delegate was allotted a date through a charade. I remember my stomach rumbling at the mention of a “date” because I’ve never been on a date before for no apparent reason. Just like Tupac would say “That’s just the way it is”. You could see disappointment written all over the faces of some male delegates because they didn’t get their preferred girl for a date and vice versa. Some delegates especially the males were full of excitement when they got their preferred girls as dates. The male delegate who got the Cuban, Burundian and Indian delegate should thank their

I couldn’t get a lady for a date so I went to the dinner solo as usual but God had other plans for me. We had to be conveyed to our place of residence to change into our dinner attire. It was there that I was exposed to a different aspect of some female delegates.

Hit or Miss?

The fashion sense of some female delegates was akin to the ones displayed on the red carpet of BET and Grammies award ceremonies. The seductive dressing of some female delegates has the propensity to resurrect your sexual hormones irrespective of how long they’ve been on a hiatus. I remember staring lustfully at one particular girl and had to do a “Jesus” by quipping “Get behind me Satan” just to make sure I was in line with the will of God. On arrival at the restaurant, we were welcomed with some current hip-life Ghanaian music.( Some of which I wouldn’t have heard of if not for that occasion).

Some delegates really had luck on their side huh?


The President of the General Assembly also got good taste huh?

While the lucky delegates were walking arms in hand with their couples I was musing to myself “Desmond where art thou Eve” and at that very moment a young lady excitedly waved at me to come sit by her. The God who answereth by fire was still alive anyway. Just like Peter in the Bible, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing so I taught the lady was referring to someone else but this time around she flashed a smile at me, beckoned me and made a gesture towards a seat  by her prompting me to come and seat. I sluggishly walked to my seat because what I was seeing only happens in fairytales and telenovelas. She excitedly introduced herself and I reciprocated.

Interesting She just wouldn’t let me be.

I’m relatively quiet when I meet someone for the first time so I quickly shifted into my reserved mode which my “fallen Manna” date wasn’t pleased with. She launched hard at my ego by chiding me for being unfriendly towards her and educating me on the need to be sociable and make new friends.  I had no choice but to kowtow to her charm. I opened up to her and engaged her in an endless conversation some of which are exclusive so won’t write about them. During my conversation with her, I realized she’s fun to be with and she was just perfect to be my date. We continued with our conversation on the bus and watched a movie together after which we hugged each other on arrival at the hostel and called it a night. (NB: she wasn’t even a delegate at this year’s conference). God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?


Amidst all the conversation, we were required to treat ourselves to some good food which was supposedly a buffet but per my expectations, it didn’t turn out to be the usual buffet I’m used to. We were served instead of the usual buffet I’m used to where you serve yourself. I wasn’t satisfied after eating and most of the delegates I spoke to shared my sentiment. My consolation was the interesting date I had.


After filling our stomachs with food, delegates who merited an award for their unparalleled involvement during the conference were duly honored. After the award ceremony, the dance floor was opened for delegates to showcase their dancing prowess after which we were conveyed back to our residence.

In conclusion, I’d say Life-Link Tertiary Model United Nations Conference was worth my time. Did I enjoy almost every bit of it? I sincerely did. Would I recommend it to someone? Ofcos!!! Any day any time. Do I have any intentions of participating again? This was one question that lingered on my mind after the closing ceremony. Some delegates are eager to participate next year because they want to win the coveted best delegate award in order to attend the Harvard Model UN Conference. From my point of view, I believe there’s more to LTMUN conference than winning the best delegate award. From my encounter with some role models of mine, I’ve realized that there’s more to life than winning. The essence of living is to make an impact. Most of the great people we highly extol and try to mimic are not people who won but people who made an impact in their generation. Even though some of our heroes are dead, they’re still living in people’s hearts because of the lives they’ve impacted and I believe that’s the sole aim of Life-Link Ghana “providing Young Men and Women the opportunity to develop themselves to achieve higher levels of intellectual and academic achievement”.Basically i see Life-Link Ghana as a hub for training the next generation of African Leaders through its Model United Nations Conference. I was fascinated by the in-depth knowledge that some delegates had about their assigned countries. I was enthralled by the conviction and patriotism with which some delegates defended the interests of their assigned countries. It was just nice seeing delegates proffering brilliant solutions as a panacea to some problems. But let’s pause and ask ourselves ; do we attach the level of brilliance and commitment we exhibited at LTMUN when it comes to our own country Ghana? How well do we even know what transpires in our country? Are we even concerned about the posterity of this country which we will eventually be spearheading in some years to come?

My Inspiration. Lucy Quist, Managing Director of Airtel Ghana.

Just as the Managing director of Airtel Ghana said at this year’s TedxAccra event Africa shouldn’t be known as a continent just for its natural resources but Africa should be known as a continent for its potential. “We can Rethink Africa and transform it, where everybody realizes their potential” . Let’s be the generation that makes it happen” she added.

To all delegates, it was nice sharing my Life-Link experience with you. I wish you all the best in your various endeavors. I doff my hat out to the CEO of Life-Link Ghana and his staff for bringing to fruition this laudable and educative initiative.

I officially draw the curtains down on my Eagle-Eyed View in LTMUN2016.





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