My Eagle-Eyed View Inside LTMUN2016(Part 2)



Early this week, I published a narrative on my observation at this year’s Life-Link Tertiary Model United Nations conference (Click on this Link to view my earlier narrative). In my publication, I hailed the Life-Link Ghana staff for their commendable hospitality and ended up singling a female staff out because I think she was the most hospitable. As promised, I’m here to continue my narrative.

I didn’t have a good sleep the night before the day of the commencement of the conference because my roommates woke up as early as 3: am to rehearse and go  through the rudimentary rules of procedure governing the conference Some even went to the extent of watching Videos of how the United Nations General Assembly meetings are conducted. They did all these for the sole purpose of winning the coveted best delegate award which comes with a perk of traveling to Harvard for the international Model UN conference. A delegate was so confident of winning the coveted price to the extent that, he started his passport processing procedure before the conference commenced and even called his dad to furnish him with some essential details.

Papa Yaw Agyekum Addo

At the commencement of the conference, I wasn’t surprised to see Papa Yaw Agyekum Addo as the President of the General Assembly. Akoras( Old Achimotans) are trained to be living water to thirsty lands so he is a living testimony of that fact. His impeccable command of the queen’s language and the fluidity with which he speks it is just admirable to watch. I remember the first time he mounted the high table in the schools’s(Achimota School) dining to deliver a speech after his predecessor handed the mantle of School Prefect over to him. One does not need rocket science to adduce from his speech that, he is a cornucopia of leadership skills. I wasn’t surprised when his own mates were passing disparaging remarks about him during his tenure because good leadership comes with a lot of opposition.


The other officials( Secretary General, Rapporteur, Conference director etc) who were at the helm of the conference were also fantastic. You could see from the way they played their respective roles that, they are an avatar of knowledge and skills when it comes to the tenets of the United Nations. One phrase describes them “Crème de la Crème”.


After Papa Yaw Agyekum landed his gavel on the table to announce the commencement of the conference and opened the speakers list, the conference room was replete with flying placards because almost everyone wanted to display his/her public speaking skills at the podium. The few who got the opportunity delivered speeches hinged on their country’s position concerning the topic of discussion i.e. “The Youth, a tool for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals” after which there was an open session for delegates to ruminate on the topic of discussion and express their views.

Some delegates racking their brains during the committee session.

We then broke out into our various committees  to discuss our various topics. (2 topics each) I was assigned to Committee 2 and our topics were “The rise of intra-state conflicts and their economic impact on the international community & Ensuring Sustainable Industrialization in Member States”. We racked our brains lengthily on the first topic to the extent that we couldn’t arrive at a consensus to pass a resolution so we had to roll over to the next day. I must admit the committee session on the first day wasn’t that exciting like the 2nd and 3rd day. The committee session on the 2nd and 3rd day was what I call an “El Classico” when it comes to international diplomacy. It was a potpourri of drama, fun, nerve-wracking arguments and mostly resplendent with order and decorum.

The star players from my point of view were delegates from Nigeria, United States of America, Rwanda, Serbia, Lebanon, Cuba, Japan and Turkey. I was bedazzled by the depth of intellectual stimulation these delegates brought to the forefront during our committee session.

Nigerian Delegate who emerged the Best delegate at the end of the conference.

I’d start off with the delegate from Nigeria, I earlier wrote a snippet on him about how affable and accommodating he was when I was in his room temporarily. During my brief conversation with him, I realized it was his 2nd time of participating in the conference and got an honorary mention. He was very active during the whole session. I remember in trying to find a resolution to intra-state conflicts he proposed intra-tribal marriages which  generated a hullabaloo and threw the auditorium into a cacophonous argument. His suggestion couldn’t make it to the committee’s resolution but when looked at critically, it was a plausible suggestion. He was very patriotic when it came to matters concerning his country and was always on the defensive when the need arises. I remember an instance where the delegate from the USA referred to Nigeria as HIPC country and he quickly refuted those claims even when he was shown an online publication that showed Nigeria as a HIPC country he still stood his guns and refused to admit the inevitable even though he later apologized when he was asked to. His strength lies in his ability to articulate his

thoughts and coherently express his views.


C2 family 20160725_215433He is also apt at using gestures to drive home a point which makes him look convincing. I was inspired by his comeback spirit of getting an honorary mention last year and grabbing the penultimate this year. His look, affable and loquacious nature made him the toast of most female delegates(My observation even though he together with the girls might deny it).lol

Delegate representing The United States of America

The delegate who represented the United States of America was my man of the match. He was very vociferous in his submissions and made his points with conviction. You could see that he had an in-depth knowledge about the country he was representing which could be attributed to thorough research he made about his country. He has very good analytical skills and an eye for details. This he exhibited when he was trying to propose a policy that can be used to curb terrorism. He was able to ferret out instances when the policy was used in the United States of America and produced results. I wasn’t surprised when he later revealed that he is a Law Student. He also has a knack for rapt listening which he exhibited when the Nigerian delegate made an assertion which wasn’t true and he quickly debunked it and called on the Nigerian delegate to apologize to the house.  He can be very convincing which I think will make him a good liaison.

From left to right; delegate representing Rwanda, Lebanon and Serbia

The delegates representing Rwanda Serbia and Lebanon have much In common. They are the kind of delegates I call “no-nonsense people”. From their countenance, you could see that they were at the conference for the kill. They didn’t mince their words when making their submissions. From their submission, you could see that, they did a lot of research on their respective countries per the real life instances they made references to in buttressing their points. They are a formidable pair of intelligentsia that will give you a good run for your money on any day.  The Serbian delegate has a touch of good sense of humor which he displayed occasionally. I remember him trying to as a delegate would say “Insult the intelligence of the house” by deceiving us that, the favorite food of Serbians is rice. If not for the timely intervention of the US delegate who found out the favorite food of Serbians, we would have reveled in the dark and believed the Serbian delegate. I was also inspired by the story of the Rwandan delegate. He didn’t get an honorary mention when he first attended the Model UN conference but he went back and prepared adequately for this conference which he ended up getting an honorary mention in the end. Who knows, he might win the penultimate if he tries for the third time which I believe he would.

From Left to Right; Delegates representing Japan, Cuba and Turkey

I was impressed with the level of confidence exuded by the female delegates representing Japan, Cuba, and Turkey. They were not perturbed by the dominance of the guys during the diplomatic discourse. The delegate from Turkey, in particular, defended her country with passion and verve which was very admirable. They also postulated some brilliant solutions during the drafting a resolution especially at a time when the resolution seemed to end up in a deadlock.

You could be dissuaded by their beauty,  especially the delegate from Cuba. I remember telling the Cuban delegate she should consider going for Miss Malaika not mainly because of her beauty but the confidence, commitment, and sense of brilliance she exuded throughout the committee session. She caught the eye of most male delegates and i believe some were even relishing the chance of sweeping her off her feet.

I can’t promise another episode on my LTMUN experience especially the final segments. I leave it to my fellow delegates to decide.

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