Lessons 3 & 4 from the kenikodjo story

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I’m here to fulfill the promise I made yesterday to continue with the lessons that could be learned from the KeniKodjo story.Before I do that, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who read the post,especially the amazing keni kodjo  readers. I’ve never received such traffic on my blog like yesterday. It shows how much you appreciate and love what she’s doing.

Let’s now get back to the lessons from her story

The 2nd lesson that could be learned from the KeniKodjo story is;

Poetra Asantewaa, MC at the recent Blogging Ghana Awards.Photo Credit:teamblack image studios

The world entirely, sincerely and completely doesn’t give a hoot about who you are but the value you offer . (Poetra Asantewaa,2016). This profound statement was made by Poetra Asantewaa at the TEDxAccra Master Class program and it has been gnawing at my conscience  since then. An aspect of the KeniKodjo story is an attestation to this statement. I believe Keni did all the internships required of her to boost her resume. She might have included statements  such as “I am a very Confident goal oriented person, Hardworking, and a team player” in her application letters. I’m sure she has that one Uncle or relative who knew a friend in a top position who promised her a job. In the end, she still couldn’t get a job.

The fact is, the rules of the game in the real world is hinged on works and not words. What have you done that makes you merit a job? What do you offer that no one else offers? What have you produced with the hands, body and mind God gave  you?

Mark Zuckerberg. Photo Credit:venturebeat.com

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just become a household name because he went to Harvard. He met a social need. i.e. he created a platform for people to reach out to each other irrespective of the time and distance at a cheap cost. Now when we talk about social media,the first thing that pops up in our minds is Facebook.

Bill Gates. Photo Credit:www.boomsbeat.com

Bill Gates  didn’t become popular because he was an American or because he also went to Harvard. Bill Gates became who we now know as the richest man on earth because he offered the world something valuable. i.e. he built an operating system for computers to run on. Even when Jesus came into this world, He offered  valuable services. He turned water into wine, multiplied five loaves and two fishes to feed multitudes, raised the dead and healed the sick

I could go on and on, but what I’m trying to drive at is, the world doesn’t recognize your existence unless you offer something of value. Unless you channel your body,hands and mind into doing something valuable.

When keni was browned by Vodafone as she said, she turned herself into a story teller. I’m sure it was just something she was trying out of boredom. She started telling stories no one had the effrontery to tell on social media. Stories about “trotro”(privately owned commercial mini buses). People later realized how interesting her stories were because they could relate to it. Keni Kodjo tells stories to kill people’s boredom.

What Value are you offering to the world? If you think you haven’t got one yet, remember the person who created you. He is the one who created the Sun that gives light to plants for photosynthesis. He is the one that created the earth that revolves on its own. That God doesn’t produce inferior goods.

Take a break and think about how you can be of value to the world because the world entirely, sincerely and completely doesn’t give a hoot about who you are but the value you offer.

The 3rd lesson is, Motivation is the fuel that drives people to give off their best. When Keni was narrating her story, she made mention of how after publishing her first two posts, she got positive comments from people. They were the same people that encouraged her to start a blog.

Screenshot from KeniKodjo blog
Screenshot from keniKodjo blog

Imagine what could have happened if they had passed unsavory comments about what she wrote on her first try. I’m pretty sure her first two posts wouldn’t be the best compared to now..

The beginning of every big dream starts with a baby step but unfortunately in this part of our world we mostly fail to encourage those who take baby steps. We fail to appreciate the  effort they make to take those baby steps. We rather criticize them harshly and compare them to those who have already made giant steps thereby dampening their spirits. Motivation has been the impetus that gave birth to the story telling blog https://kenikodjo.com/ . Let’s learn to appreciate those who take baby steps. You never know the obstacles they had to scale before taking those baby steps. As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day” and “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.

Let’s learn to compliment each other. Watch Out!! for the final episode of Lessons Learn’t From the kenikodjo story.


4 thoughts on “Lessons 3 & 4 from the kenikodjo story

  1. Lovely pieces u write there dear keni. Your sister led me to yr page and I love it here. Keep it up. I’m in a bus on my way to #somewhereinghana and I certainly needed sthg to make my journey. Your stories are just insightful. I’m happy😊. Thanks keni


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