Lessons learn’t From the KeniKodjo Story(Best blog of the year winner)

Photo Credit:Blogging Ghana

I had  the privilege to attend the 4th edition of the Blogging Ghana Awards which took place at the Chartered Institute of Bankers Hall, East Legon on 20th May 2016. The purpose of the awards ceremony was to award individuals and organizations who have distinguished themselves in the field of blogging and Social Media. I must admit, this was one of the ceremonies that I didn’t regret attending because it was well organized and we were feted with a lot of sumptuous meals. I want to commend the organizers for a good job done. I can’t wait for the next edition just to come and satisfy my stomach to the fullest.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Typical of awards ceremonies, some individuals won multiple awards at this year’s #BloGH2016 awards.

KeniKodjo displaying her awards. Photo Credit:AUNTIEOBOSHIE

One of the individuals who won big on the night and fascinated me was Maukeni Padiki Kodjo. You might be wondering why I was fascinated by her winning an award. Let me just feed your curiosity with a snippet of her story:

Imagine finishing school and not getting your dream job. In order to while away the time, you find solace in venting out your frustrations about some annoying things on social media. The next moment you end up garnering a large  audience. This later culminates into a blog and the next thing you know, you are receiving an award for Best Facebook Profile (Individual) and Best Blog of the year award.

It sounds so weird doesn’t it? As Wizkid would say “Back to the Matter”; let’s get back to my earlier story. After handing over a series of awards to deserving individuals and organizations, it was now the turn for the individual with the Best Facebook Profile to be announced. I saw some popular names in that category so I tipped one of them whom I knew but to my astonishment Maukeni Padiki Kodjo was mentioned as the winner. A young pretty looking lady walked up the stage beaming with smiles to take her award.

KeniKodjo receiving her award. Photo Credit: 360GH


I fell into a state of soliloquy and asked myself “who is this lady? How come I haven’t seen or heard of her upon all my consistency on social media?  I found solace in a popular cliché among we guys; “e be then things some”. As time went on, the category for Best Blog of the year was mentioned. Typical of me, I still vouched for one of the popular nominees I could relate to only to be disappointed the second time.

KeniKodjo giving a speech after receiving her award. Photo Credit:360GH

This pretty looking lady called Maukeni walked up the stage, beaming with smiles to take what belongs to her. This time around I was perplexed. Curious as I am, I decided to ferret out some info about her by checking up her WordPress blog page and I was welcomed with this

“My name is Maukeni Padiki Kodjo, most people call me Keni. I am a Christian girl who talks too much and loves good music. Worn glasses since I was 9, so yes I am a certified geek. I am right-handed and left-footed! We are a rare species. I have had my head buried in books for as long as I can remember, and it is an honor for me to write stories that people can enjoy. I am an unrepentant romantic and an unashamed foodie”

Interesting bio, isn’t it? But this didn’t satisfy my curiosity about how come she merited the Best Blog of the year award so I searched further and got to know her real story by Courtesy of a post she published on her blog.

She was home, unemployed because she couldn’t get a job after doing her national service. She started updating her Facebook status by venting out her frustrations about trotro mates( Commercial Vehicle conductors), Dumsor(Persistent,irregular and unpredictable electric power outages in Ghana) and her love for food.

Photo Credit:KeniKodjo Blog

This made people laugh and soon, people started frequenting her Facebook page for a dose of her stories. She was later encouraged to start a blog which she obliged and now kenikodjo blog is the latest craze in town. https://kenikodjo.com/

Photo Credit:KeniKodjo Blog

This story sounds simple but there are tons of lessons to be derived from it.

Lesson 1: Make The Best out of Every situation.

I’m sure when keni was doing her national service, she was of high hopes that she’d surely get a job when she’s done maybe because of how hard she worked for whichever entity she was assigned to. I’m sure she prayed all the powerful prayers in the world, paid her tithes diligently and probably fasted more than Jesus in the wilderness. In the long run, her dream job was nowhere to be found. She could have fretted, blamed President Mahama or even gone to the extent of cursing God for how unjust He has been. She could have resorted to the new norm in town, and spent 168 hours of productive times a week in church praying for a manna job to fall from Heaven. She could have been a high-ranking member of the Unemployed youth association and blame government from all angles. She could equally have sat down at home to watch all the latest movie series in town and chat on phone all day just to wait for God’s appointed time of giving her a job. But what did she do? She channeled her frustrations through social media which later made her  a storyteller and a good one at that. In life, we all have laid down goals. But when we hit a snag on our journey what do we do? We feel it’s the end of the road. We sometimes give up.


Photo Credit:360GH

Let’s look at it from this angle. If Keni hadn’t been unemployed would she have resorted to social media to tell stories? I’m sure she knew she was good at storytelling but did she consider it as something capable of catapulting her to greater heights ? If Keni had gotten the job she desired would she have gained 184 loving followers on WordPress and 1,372 followers on Facebook? Would she have gained the recognition she has now if she had gotten that dream job?

What am I trying to say? All I’m trying to say is that there is always a lesson or an opportunity in every setback we face. Sometimes God answers our prayers with disappointments in order to bring out the best in us. Most of the time we set our minds so far to the extent that, we are blind to opportunities lingering at our doorstep. God has to open our eyes with disguised opportunities in the form of a setback to make us recognize them.

What situation do you find yourself in? Is it Unemployment? Or it’s that D7 you got in your WASSCE( West African Senior School Certificate Examination) which has made you give up on furthering your education. Whatever situation that you find yourself in, just keep calm because there is something God is trying to show you. You need to be broken in order for that dream or talent God has placed in you to come out so hang in there and trust God to see you through.

Learn from the KeniKodjo story and make the best out of every situation. Watch Out!! For the next lesson from the keniKodjo story.

In case you feel bored and need something interesting to read, look no further KeniKodjo blog would be at your service. Know Thy Man Ep04: TOPSY TURVY



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