The Power Of Hope


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#DailyPost The Four letter word called “Hope”. As a young lad growing up, I’ve always heard this Four letter word being used when someone is downhearted or when someone is in a difficult situation. I understood this four letter word “HOPE” as some sort of life line. Imagine getting drowned in the middle of the sea just as you were about to breath your last breathe , you spotted a ship far away. What would you do? I’m sure you’d  either gather every vestige of energy left in you and scream for help or you’d swim towards the direction of the ship in order to be noticed. At that moment, the ship is your life line(Hope)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines hope as “to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true”

Lets look at the meaning of “Hope” from the Biblical perspective.

In the The Old Testament,there are several Hebrew verbs that may in certain contexts be translated “to hope” in English. One of them, qawa [h”w’q], may denote “hope” in the sense of “trust, ” as when Jeremiah addresses God, “Our hope is in you” ( Jer 14:22 ). He also uses a noun formed from the root qwh [h”w’q] to teach that the Lord is the hope of Israel (14:8; 17:13; 50:7), which means that Israel’s God is worthy of trust. Another noun from the same root, tiqwa [h”w.qiT], is often also translated “hope” meaning “trust.” Similarly, the verb qawa [h”w’q] is parallel to batah [j;f’B], “to trust, ” in Psalm 25:2-3.

In the Old Testament, believers are encouraged to wait for God hopefully and  expectantly. In times of trouble one should wait for the Lord, who will turn things around ( Psalm 25:21 ; 27:14 ; 40:1 ; 130:5 ).

Twenty-seven times qawa [h”w’q] comes into the Greek Old Testament as hupomeno [uJpomevnw], “to wait, ” “to be patient, ” “to endure.” Where suffering is present, the term may indicate that the individual is bearing affliction patiently while hopefully waiting for the Lord’s deliverance. Psalm 40 is a psalm of thanksgiving that recounts the suffering of an individual whose hope was realized. “I waited patiently for the Lord” ( Psalm 40:1 ; 130:5-6 ).

I had different connotations to the word “Hope” while growing up. As a school boy, the expectations of a responsible father is for his child to excel in his/her examination. Anytime my dad saw me playing, he’d say “I hope you are done learning your books” with a stern look. This statement served as a warning to me to stop playing and go bury my eyes in a book.


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If there was a time that the word “Hope” meant something different to me and transformed my life, it was in the year 2013. The results of my final examinations were released and I had good grades but there was a particular subject whose grade couldn’t gain me admission into the University. The only choice I had was to re-write that particular subject but I refused on the basis that I’d have to be home for two years and considering the effort I put into writing my final exams, I felt it was unfair   to re-write the exams again. I told myself “I QUIT”.


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Just when I made that decision, my mum told me, “You Can’t Quit. You are my Only Hope”. I felt some chills in my body after she delivered those two powerful statements. I asked myself “How Can I be My mum’s only hope”? That was when I realized that, she had put all her trust in me. This time around, the context in which she Put the Word “Hope” meant I was her lifeline. Without me she has nothing to live for. The statement “You Are My Only Hope” spurred me on to give my mum a lifeline . I wanted to make her proud for putting her trust in me and indeed I made her proud by re-writing my papers and passed. That is the power of “Hope” if it is put in the right context.

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This Story is to You out there who is on the Verge of Quitting. “You Dare Not Quit Because You are someone’s Only Hope”. Someone’s destiny is tied to yours and if you dare quit, you are inadvertently killing someone’s destiny”. Cling on to that life Line called “HOPE” and fight your way to the end.

Find solace in Isaiah 40:31



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  1. Quiet a post
    Love 😍 it ❤
    Prime lesson: “You Dare Not Quit Because You are someone’s Only Hope”👣
    Kudos 👍


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