There Is More To A Girl Than What Lies In Between Her Thighs

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#DailyPost Imagine taking a lady you love so much to the altar to marry,and then a video of her is shown to you having sexual intercourse with another guy.How would you feel? Imagine going for a job interview and when your name is searched on Google just to find more info about you, the top five results that are displayed is a video of you having sexual intercourse with a guy.How would you feel? How would you feel as a lady if someone shows a video of you having sexual intercourse with a guy to your three year old child? How would you feel as a parent, when you’ve invested so much in the education and up keep of your daughter only for you to be shown a video of your child engaging in sexual intercourse with a guy?

Recording of Sex tape has finally gained deep roots amongst the average youth in Ghana. Almost every month, a sextape finds its way into the public domain. In as much as I try hard to find the reasons behind them, I end up blank in my thoughts because I just can’t pinpoint any cogent reason why this happens. In the Western World, it is the sex tapes of Celebrities  that are mostly  released. The surfacing of these sex tapes has become so common that,some are “leaked” as a marketing tool to advance or establish a media career. A celebrity can fight the release in court to maintain deniability while still enjoying the career benefits. In contrast, a celebrity may take the route of openly releasing the tape and benefit directly from royalties as well as indirectly from the publicity.

The question I now ask myself is, what benefits do people( the youth in particular) gain from producing and releasing sex tape in this part of the world where Chastity is upheld to its highest level? The various religions also frown on pre-marital sex or engaging in sexual intercourse with someone who is not your marriage partner. Some may argue that,the youth engage in this nauseating act out of innocence or it’s a mistake on their part but some mistakes are very costly. Mistakes are products of personal choices we make. Sadly, it is the females that suffer the trauma the most because, it is their faces that get shown in these sex tapes and they gain some level of sympathy from society. I beg to differ but these acts are borne out of personal choices on the part of the girls that is why I find it difficult sympathizing with them. I still don’t understand why as a girl, you’d stoop so low for a boy to use you as a sex artifact and exploit you to such extent. Some may argue that, they do this in the name of love and I ask; Since when has love been equated to forgoing  your principles to become a sex slave? Or because Jesus got crucified on the cross out of love for humanity so you should also sacrifice your body, your prestige, your dignity in the name of love. Is it a failure on the part of parents to imbibe in their children good moral values from infancy?, or it is a failure on the part of society to collectively uproot this practice at its early stage and it has now developed into a canker.

You might be wondering why I’m focusing my writing lens on just the females. The reason is, when these sex tapes saga happen, it has a long term psychological effect on them. Some female victims of this sex tape sometimes don’t recover from the trauma. These innocent girls would be nurturing our babies in some years to come considering the major roles mothers play in the upbringing of a child.

It’s time our ladies sit back and redefine who they really are, what they stand for, and what they want to become. Our ladies have to have values. They have to live by principles. That is the only way you gain respect from a responsible man. As the saying goes “Birds of the same feathers flock together”. If you are a sex slave to a guy, its as a result of your character. As the saying goes “Show me your friend and I’d show you your character”. As a lady, there is more to you than what lies in between your thighs. If you are a lady and you think your sole purpose in life is to satisfy the sexual needs of a guy,please Rethink. God has made you so Unique to the extent that, you have the ability to carry another life within you. You have the ability to give life to another being. That is how powerful you are. You were created to give life,not necessarily in terms of giving birth but to breath life into anything stagnant in society.

Esther pleading with the king.(c)Google Images

In the Bible,Esther whose Jewish name is Hadassah saved the Jews from the hands of Haman. Esther Chapter 3-9. One can adduce from this story that,Esther gave her people life.


Yaa Asantewaa. (c)Google Images

Yaa Asantewaa remains a much-loved figure in Asante history and the history of Ghana as a whole for her role in confronting the colonialism of the British.In 1900, she led the Ashanti rebellion known as the war of the Golden Stool, also known as the Yaa Asantewaa war against British Colonialism. While Yaa Asantewaa was captured by the British and deported, her bravery stirred a kingdom-wide movement for the return of Prempeh I and for independence.

These are examples of what a lady is capable of doing. Ladies, stop making yourselves vulnerable for guys to prey on you and exploit you. Get up and show the World who God really created you to be.

8 thoughts on “There Is More To A Girl Than What Lies In Between Her Thighs

  1. Thought provoking article. I understand your stand on feminine side but i think feminist would have a lot to say on your piece.I think Chasity in all should be encourage since the moral decadence is worsening with each passing time.

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  2. The Risk Sexual is one of the very important issues, and community awareness of the dangers of early sexual activities and dissemination of the principles and methods of healthy life is a sound solution.

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  3. It is natural that about puberty and adolescent age, male and female are driven by strong sexual urge but it is ability to be disciplined enough to control this urge that can see them through. Discipline and Self-control and being focus-know what you want to achieve in life that matters. Early sexual activities in life do ruin such life in the long run.

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