#DailyPost 2016, is an election year for Ghana and as usual, the various political parties especially the two dominant ones(NDC & NPP) are gearing themselves up to throw some political punches at each other in a bid to convince Ghanaians to vote for them. As a result of this, the usual campaign for peaceful elections have been bolstered and I’m sure every Ghanaian wants to have a peaceful country to live in. In recent times, we’ve been basking in the Glory of being touted as one of the most peaceful countries in the World and it seems we are resting on our ores.As a result of this,we are gradually taking some things which can be inimical to the peace of this nation for granted.



Last week Tuesday, I came across a Headline on Ghana Breaking News and it read; “VOLTARIANS ARE JAILED UNDER NPP”. I found the headline interesting so I decided to read further and the publication read’’; “Dzifa Ativor has appealed to residents of the Volta region to retain the NDC in power in the upcoming polls in order to avoid the witch-hunting of politicians from the region. According to her, the New Patriotic Party has the penchant for targeting and jailing leading figures of the NDC from the region when they are in power”. The publication went on further to say that; “Mrs Attivor said she and Agric Minister Fiifi Kwetey who both hail from the region, may be targeted and jailed if the NPP wins Power”.

I was really bewildered by the agenda she was trying to set. It’s very unfortunate that when a political figure of her caliber is given the platform to address party supporters, she’d be spewing such baloney. I’m still finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that. the main reason why her party should be voted for is to save her from going to jail. Is that not selfishness? If she knows she hasn’t committed any Crime why is she fearing jail term? Since when did the laws of this country make provision for only Voltarians to be jailed?Does that mean that when she flouts the law under the Mahama administration,she won’t be punished on the basis of her party being in power?

As if the ethnocentric comments made by Dzifa Ativor wasn’t enough, the Vice Presidential Candidate of The New Patriotic Party(NPP) Dr,Mahamudu Bawumia also passed a comment concerning the current presidency which I find distasteful and denigrating.



According to a publication on GhanaWeb, Mr Bawumia claims the Presidency is religiously skewed.The publication quotes him by saying “Another major issue that I want to bring to the attention of the people is that; if we look at the flagstaff house today, it does not reflect the people of Ghana in terms of religion. “So if, Insha Allah, Nana Akufo-Addo becomes president, he will swear with the Bible and enter the Flagstaff House and I will swear with the Quran and enter the flagstaff House”.

Why are our politicians bent on causing division amongst us just for their selfish interests? Per the educational qualifications and portfolios these noble politicians have served these are not the kind of remarks we should be hearing from them.Does Ghana need a Christian or a Muslim to be at the Presidency before it can develop? or it will bring peace to this nation. If Dr. Bawumia honestly wants to talk about the reflection of the Ghanaian in terms of religion, why has he left out the traditionalists? Are they not also Ghanaians?  When you go to America, the people are Americans first before they put out their religious affiliations or any other affiliation but the story is different in Ghana and Africa as a whole. We seem to put our religious and ethnic affiliations first and it has divided us as a nation.

We are not United for a common goal.Our problem as a country is that, we choose to Major in Minors and Minor in Majors.We have pertinent issues that needs to be addressed in this country and you mount campaign platforms talking about being voted for to avoid jail term and being voted for to reflect representation as Ghanaians in terms of religion. Do our politicians really have the interest of this nation at heart?

Ghanaians need Competent leaders. We don’t want incompetent leaders that would use their religious or ethnic affiliations as the basis to be voted for. We need leaders that are committed to the course of developing this nation.

Politicians have taken us for a ride for far too long and it’s high time we stop them from playing with our intelligence.We need to stop giving them audience to these ethno-religious politics and cause them to Rethink their style of Politics. We want campaign messages that are full of solutions to fixing the problems that have beleaguered this nation for so long. If our Politicians have nothing better to tell us, they should go rest somewhere rather than making remarks that will divide us as a nation.Enough is Enough!!!!




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