20160420_181824<!–Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly known as “KSM” was not left out of the TEDxAccra Master Class event. He is a Ghanaian actor, director,satirist, talk show host and author. After making a name for himself as a radio host, “KSM” created what has now become one of Ghana’s most popular talk shows; Thank God Its Friday(TGIF). Since its inception, the show has featured gripping stories from entrepreneurial, street vendors, dancing presidents etc.

KSM spoke about how he had a great sense of imagination while growing up.KSM revealed that he had an inferiority complex but he realized that when he entered into his world of imagination where he was a king, it boosted his self-confidence and this traversed into his real life. His sense of imagination was so strong that, he found it difficult to concentrate in class thus making him repeat Class One which he didn’t mind doing. When he got to class 3, his sense of imagination became so strong that, he was considered to be daft and was segregated into a corner with another boy in his class who suffered his fate. I’m sure if some of you were in KSM’s shoes, you would have accepted the “Daft” tag that your teachers placed on you and let it define your potential but that wasn’t the story for KSM. When he got to class five, his teacher gave them an essay which started with the phrase “It was a dark windy Night” and the teacher told them to go finish it. He was enthused about this assignment and gave it his best shot. After presenting the Essay, his teacher questioned  where he copied the assignment from. All his efforts to prove to the teacher that, he did the work himself proved futile.

His fate took a U turn  when he went to University in the United States. He suddenly became an “A” student. The educational system in the United States was different from the usual norm in Ghana. On some occasions they were allowed to use textbooks during examinations but in the end, people still failed. That was when he realized that, it isn’t knowledge that is powerful but how you apply knowledge gained is what makes it powerful. He later went to a film school where they had an assignment which entailed writing a scripted play. His teacher chose to read his script and after reading it the whole class applauded him. He thought he did extremely well only for the teacher to  say that he read his script to let the class understand how a scripted play shouldn’t be written. That was when he realized that, even with creativity, there are rules and one has to understand and study the rules.

He stressed on the need to Rethink Ghana’s educational system because Ghana’s educational system sits on the imagination of children and when this happens, their creativity is suppressed. Kwaku Sintim-Misa concluded by saying “Imagination, is the Bedrock of creativity”.


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