metroThere has been a lot of hullabaloo lately about the re-branding of some 116 Metro Mass Transit buses. I went to town today and spotted one, clad in the national colors with the faces of some former Presidents. Behind the bus was an Inscription “Changing Lives”. I decided to ferret out some information about what was causing this agitation and realized a Whopping (GHc 3,649,00) was spent on this project.
Branding as defined in the Business dictionary” is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers mind”. Another definition elucidates Branding as’ promoting a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand’.
I asked myself, how does branding Metro Mass Transit buses with images of the current and former presidents Promote the Metro Mass Transit product or service? Does someone have to be in a bus before seeing the faces of President Mahama and his Predecessors? Was the re-branding necessary? Was the money involved (GHc 3,649,000) worth it?
I’m still finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that the government spent this staggering colossal amount of money from Ghana’s petroleum revenue on this project. I learnt the government is mandated to select five priority areas where the funds are to be expended which includes transport infrastructure. Is re-branding buses a priority of this nation at the moment? I’ve always lamented that, as a nation we’ve failed to get our priorities right. We choose to Minor in Majors and Major in Minors and it has crippled the development of this nation in diverse ways. I wonder the committee that deliberated on the re-branding of these buses and approved this ignominious and gargantuan act of profligacy.
We were in this country and the President declared that, his government won’t increase the salary of public sector workers because the country is undergoing economic hardship and that government is trying to be disciplined in its expenditure. Spending GH3,649,000 on re-branding 116 buses is disciplined spending I guess.
This country has been plagued with a debilitating power crisis for almost four years and rebranding buses is a priority. The most annoying aspect is the Power Minister being infantile about the situation by playing semantics with what the crisis should be called. By the way, is government done paying the debts it owes ECG? Mr. President, it doesn’t have to take someone who once held a government position to be qualified to discern that, your administration has committed and unpardonable gaffe in relation to the branding of these buses. It takes common sense to discern that, this project is a misplaced priority.
I’m in a quandary to understand the “changing Lives” inscription embossed behind the bus. I remember vividly the president embarking on a tour dubbed #ChangingLivesTour. Are we right to say that, the president is just using the re-branding of these buses as a decoy to promote his parochial campaign interests courtesy of Public fund.
What lives have been changed? I just remembered the lives that have been changed. The life of the ordinary Barber has been changed in the sense that he now has to wait for 24hours before getting electricity to work in order to put food on the table for his family. The lives of the ordinary Ghanaian has changed in the sense that they have to pay more for inconsistent and appalling electricity and water supply. Yes!! The life of the ordinary Ghanaian worker has changed in the sense that, their salaries have been stagnant for some time now in the midst of increasing prices of goods and services. Yes!!! The lives have changed in the sense that our ailing grandmothers and grandfathers have now joined the physically challenged on the streets of Accra to beg. Indeed, Lives have really changed.
After being unable to furnish parliament with details of the re-branding contract and promising to make it available at a later date, the Transport Minister chose to resign. Is Ghana not a fun place to be? Isn’t it honorable on her part? I believe she was vetted by a committee and deemed competent enough to handle affairs when it comes to Transport. I also believe she swore an oath that says;
“I……having been appointed Minister of State (Deputy Minister) of the Republic of Ghana, do( in the name of almighty God swear) (Solemnly affirm) that I will at all times well and truly serve the Republic of Ghana in the office of Minister of State (Deputy Minister;) that I will uphold, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of Ghana as by law established; that I will, to the best of my judgment, at all times when required, freely give my counsel and advise for the good management of the public affairs of the Republic of Ghana; and that I will not directly or indirectly reveal any matters that shall come to my knowledge in the discharge of my duties and committed to secrecy as Minister of State (Deputy Minister). (So help me God)”.
I pray that God gives our leaders a good sense of discernment in order to guide this country to its Canaan it so deserves. God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “RE-BRANDING.TO BE OR NOT TO BE?

  1. Awesome.

    Someone call a concerned minister of Ghana to read this and let the president know about it.
    It will be pure hypocrisy if his face 😔 doesn’t turn green(a face of shame).
    Kudos buddy.


  2. Well nicely opinionated piece.However may be this update will help,the Chief of staff has asked investigation to be done on the matter ,which has since been completed with instruction already given out for some 1.9mGH to be retrieved.
    Perhaps commend such initiative and regards power crisis, the minster just announced it end.
    But the potholes, poor supply of water,poor quality education,unemployment etc are still prevalent.
    All the same kudos


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