Political tounitylerance is the willingness to extend basic rights and civil liberties to persons and groups whose viewpoints differ from one’s own. The sequel of incorrigible incidents within our political domain, in recent times has made me wonder whether we are a politically tolerant country. It all started with the acid attack on the Upper East regional chairman of the NPP , followed by a clash between demonstrators of the #LetMyVoteCountAlliance and the police which culminated into a young man losing an eye and some innocent people getting injured. This was followed by the murder of a member of the NPP at Asawase. During the just ended NDC primaries, there were some acts of violence where some ballot boxes were allegedly stolen and a parliamentary aspirant was allegedly punched in the face. So I ask myself, why are we allowing politics to breed acrimony and violence amongst us? Are we oblivious of the fact that, we are humans and that we have varied opinions? The fact that someone doesn’t share in your views and opinions, give you a warrant to subject that person to ridicule, insults and in extreme cases violence?
When you go on social media and voice out your opinion on an issue, you would be harangued, maligned and pilloried just because you disagree with someone’s view. This practice is very appalling and nauseating.
We pride ourselves in been amongst the most democratic countries in the world, forgetting that political tolerance, is one of the tenets of a liberal democracy.
Unfortunately, some members of the 2 dominant political parties take advantage of these incorrigible incidents to mock each other in the name of politics instead of condemning these nefarious acts with utmost conviction. Where is our humanity? For Christ sake this is human lives involved here. Our democracy has come a long way to be denigrated to this nadir state.
The fact that we support different political parties should not bring enmity amongst us. When acquiring a passport, one of the basic requirements is our nationality and not our political affiliations. Let’s learn to love each other and respect each others opinions. Peace and Unity is the foundation on which a strong nation can be built. In everything we do, let’s put Ghana First.
As Linda Thompson said: “Our Uniqueness, our individuality and our life experience, molds us into fascinating beings. I hope we embrace that, I pray we may all challenge ourselves to delve into the deepest resources of our hearts to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding; acceptance, tolerance and compassion. We are all in this life together”.

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